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Carl DeSantis: The Fiery Force of National Hot Sauce Day

Carl DeSantis: The Fiery Force of National Hot Sauce Day

Carl DeSantis has been obsessed with spice for a while. He hit the sweet spot of hot sauce when he founded Tabañero, bringing robust, harmonious spice blends to the masses —but now what? How should the world celebrate mankind’s greatest culinary achievement?

DeSantis established National Hot Sauce Day because a satisfying success of this caliber demands an equally thrilling celebration. On January 22nd, Tabañero unites sauce enthusiasts for the hottest party of the year: National Hot Sauce Day. Behind the holiday is a spicy story, so let’s dive in.

Birthday Shoutout to America’s Hottest Chemist

On this day 157 years ago, the founding father of hot sauce was born. Wilbur Scoville was an innovator in American chemistry, touted for creating the famous Scoville Scale. When he developed this test to measure heat levels of peppers, Scoville catapulted Tabañero's pursuit of the perfect hot sauce. Today, we still use the Scoville Scale to carefully balance our hair-raising hot sauces. An homage to Scoville’s legacy, National Hot Sauce Day is a birthday bash fit for the culinary trailblazer.

Kindred Spirits in Spice

Just as Isaac Newton spurred breakthroughs for Albert Einstein, Wilbur Scoville’s research inspired Carl DeSantis, who used Scoville’s chemistry in his quest for the ideal sauce formula. Carl’s vision was this: marry heat with flavor to elevate the hot sauce experience. Drawing from Scoville’s methods, Carl’s team crafted full-bodied sauces and spices that deliver intense heat balanced with complex and satisfying flavors. Thus, Tabañero was born. Once he made the best hot sauce around, Carl got to work creating an event worthy of commemorating the monumental success: National Hot Sauce Day. Every January 22nd, Tabañero salutes these vanguards of spice, whose tireless pursuit of flavor birthed our world-famous formulas.

Tabanero Hot Sauce National Hot Sauce Day

Tabañero Likes it Hot

Thanks to hot sauce trailblazers like Scoville and DeSantis, Tabañero serves a wide selection of hot sauces, spice blends, and cocktail mixes that bring bold flavor to every meal. Celebrating our success is all too easy with our exceptionally tasty custom recipes. From XXX Buffalo Wing Mac and Cheese to Homestyle Spicy Chili, our team specially curates dishes featuring Tabañero’s most popular sauces to impress the hottest guest lists.

We’re fired up to ring in National Hot Sauce Day with you! Shop Tabañero’s full line of products today to heat things up in your kitchen. You won’t believe what a dab of Tab can add 🔥
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