Born in Tabasco, Mexico. Made in the U.S.A.


It’s felt with a deep inhale through your nostrils when you’ve tasted something for the very first time. It’s felt with 10,000 hairs slowly rising on the back of your neck, because your tastebuds sent a shock down your spine. It’s felt with a shortness of breath, because with every exciting bite, you actually forgot to breathe.

Hot sauce isn’t often associated with pleasure. In fact, most take pride in the pain. But pleasure is what you get with every dash of Tabañero.

Ingredients that complement, not mask. Flavors that enhance, not overpower. And tastes that you don’t just feel with every part of your tongue, but every sense of your body.

In a time when other sauces are happy to be hotter, we’re excited to provide a more pleasurable, more sensational option.

Tabañero Original Hot Sauce.
The Most Pleasurable Hot Sauce.
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