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5 Times to Gift Tabañero with the Mini Box Gift Set

5 Times to Gift Tabañero with the Mini Box Gift Set

Chances are the people in your life like to heat things up in the kitchen. Introducing Tabañero’s hottest box: our Mini Box Gift Set. Your circle deserves the spiciest surprises, so give them a little of everything! These bottles are miniature in size, but they’re massive in flavor–Original, Spicy Agave, Curry Habanero, and Extra Hot–the gang’s all here. 

We’ve combined our all-star lineup of hot sauces for this assortment specifically to curate the perfect gift for every occasion. This mini box makes a huge impression and guarantees generic presents are a thing of the past. The calendar is PACKED with gift-giving opportunities, so don’t miss any chance to bestow this spicy set of sauces.

Broiling Birthday

Help lubricate your bestie’s annual existential spiral! With sauces ranging in intensity from mild to extra hot, they can start their birthday celebration slow or dive right into the deep end. It’s time to get older, wiser, and spicier. 

Heated Housewarming

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, Tabañero is the soul. The Tabañero Mini Box Gift Set will warm a house, alright. It’ll make it soooo warm in there. And what better way to christen a space than with a little bit of spice?  

Thank You (x4)

Is there someone you need to thank profusely? There’s no debt that four adorably tiny bottles of premium hot sauce can’t pay. After all, bottles speak louder than words. 

Fuego Friendsgiving

What are you bringing to the Friendsgiving table? If it’s not a box of four conveniently-sized bottles of premium hot sauce, your friends don’t want it. Save your spot in the social circle by adding some spice to your Friendsgiving spread. 

Thinking of You(r Taste Buds)

Who says you need a formal occasion to share your favorite sauces with your favorite person? And with the gift of sauce, your ‘bud’ could become something more. It’s time to shoot your shot.

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Tabañero proudly serves a selection of hot sauces, spice blends, and cocktail mixes that bring thrilling flavor to every meal–see and shop them for yourself! While each product is uniquely tasty, every Tabañero product relies on the rich flavors already found in the natural ingredients used to make them. Don’t believe us? Try Tabañero today, and bow down to the King of Flavor.

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