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Tabañero Taste Tester - Tabañero
Tabañero Taste Tester - Tabañero
Load image into Gallery viewer, Tabañero Taste Tester - Tabañero
Load image into Gallery viewer, Tabañero Taste Tester - Tabañero

Try Our Tabañero Taste Tester

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New to our royal family? Treat yourself to our Tabañero Taste Tester. Try four of our mouth-watering flavors--Original, Sweet & Spicy, Curry Habañero, and Extra Hot--in miniature 1.7ml bottles to make it easy to spice up every dish wherever you go.

Keep things classically spicy with our Original hot sauce. Trust us, you’ll want to put it on everything. But we know some days call for something a bit more adventurous, and with our Taste Tester you’ll be prepared for whatever the day brings. Tabañero’s Sweet & Spicy hot sauce is the most addicting combination of sweetness and spice for those meals that call for a little bit of both, and our Curry Habanero hot sauce packs a flavorful traditional curry flavor in every drizzle. Still looking for more? Take things up a notch with our Extra Hot sauce, but make sure you have a glass of water close by.

This 4-pack is offered for the true hot sauce lovers--those who aren’t afraid to add a little something-something to every day. You know who you are!



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