Born in Tabasco, Mexico. Made in the U.S.A.

Spicy Agave, 5oz.

Spicy Agave, 5oz. - Tabanero
Spicy Agave, 5oz. - Tabanero
Spicy Agave, 5oz. - Tabanero
Spicy Agave, 5oz. - Tabanero
Spicy Agave, 5oz. - Tabanero
Product image 1Spicy Agave, 5oz. - Tabanero
Product image 2Spicy Agave, 5oz. - Tabanero
Product image 3Spicy Agave, 5oz. - Tabanero
Product image 4Spicy Agave, 5oz. - Tabanero
Product image 5Spicy Agave, 5oz. - Tabanero

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Don’t mask your food.

If sweet heat is more your style, then Tabañero Agave Sweet & Spicy hot sauce is the flavor you need in your life. Add it to your dishes for a hot, yet sweet kick without overpowering it. All of our sauces are gluten free, low in sodium, and made with 100% all-natural ingredients. Tabañero hot sauce is never made with vinegar or any other cheap fillers, so its powerful flavor remains strong even when used while cooking. Our unique flavor comes from the combination of carrots, onions, garlic, key lime juice, red habanero peppers, and agave nectar; which balances out the heat of the habaneros and adds a delicious sweetness to the sauce. Get ready to ignite your taste buds and stimulate your senses! For best results always shake well & use The Tabasutra!

100% Real Ingredients

Premium Habaneros 



Key Lime Juice 

Agave Nectar



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Savor the Flavors of Tabañero: Born in Tabasco, Mexico & Made in the USA

Bring the perfect balance of flavor and heat to any meal with Tabañero's full line of Hot Sauces, Spice Blends, and Bloody Mary Mixes.

Our Hot Sauce:

Tabañero Hot Sauce is 100% all-natural, gluten-free, and Kosher. It’s the most flavorful hot sauce in the world! Our unique hot sauce flavors come from the combination of carrots, onions, garlic, key lime juice, red habanero peppers, and agave nectar – which helps balance out the heat of the habaneros and adds a hint of sweetness.

Our Spice Blends

Tabañero Spice Blends feature only the finest non-GMO, all-natural, and gluten-free ingredients supplied from the highest-quality sources on the market today. Our dedication to quality ingredients ensures that the aromas and flavor profiles in our spice blends will improve and enhance every meal you cook using them.

Our Bloody Mary Mix

Tabañero's spicy and refreshing Bloody Mary Mix is uniquely made using fresh-pressed tomatoes and only 100% gluten-free and all-natural ingredients. It's delicious and refreshing no matter how you drink it.

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Tabañero Holdings, LLC

We ship via the Smart Post network that utilizes the United States Postal Service (USPS). International orders are shipped primarily by USPS, but discretion will be used when shipping internationally to utilize the most economical method available.

Most orders ship out within 24-48 hours. However, due to large order volumes, weather conditions or circumstances beyond our control, we will ship your order out as soon as possible. We use recycled boxes and packing materials for all mail orders, along with recycled shipping peanuts. All of our corrugated cardboard is sourced from Sustainable Forestry Initiatives. (SFI)

In the unfortunate event of breakage in transit, we ask but don’t require you to send us a picture of the damage. This happens from time to time when shipping glass bottles, but we take every step we can to avoid it.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Shipping Policy please contact:
Tabañero Holdings, LLC
Boca Raton FL, 33431


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