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Bright Ideas

Okay, so at first I cringed at the prospect of neon making a comeback. Don’t get me wrong – I love colour but I don’t necessarily love wearing it. Seeing Christopher Kane for J Brand transported me back to a time I’d rather forget. Having just finished school, I thought it a good idea to buy a Bonds fluoro pink singlet (or should I say ‘wife-beater’) and wear it with anything and everything. I relished in how cool, how stylish, how ‘on the pulse’ I had become. I look back now on masterfully hidden photos and think (in a screaming voice), “WHAT WAS I THINKING?!!!” Which brings me to now, feeling rather cynical about neon and how it deceivingly led me down the garden path in the past – do I risk it again? These images have me almost thinking yes… almost.

Images courtesy of J Brand, Christopher Kane, Vogue Australia, The Design Files, Karolina York, seamonstersatemyheart,

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