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5 Tips for Making the Best Bloody Mary demo

We’re letting you in on a little secret (actually 5 of them) for making the best darn Bloody Mary. Ever. Recipes for Bloody Marys can vary, but, in general, they are a mixture of tomato juice, vodka, lemon and spices.
1. Make it fresh. You probably have most of the ingredients at home to make a fantastic Bloody Mary, so why not use them? If you do use a mix, try adding a few fresh ingredients, like lemons and celery. You’ve got to have lemons! They brighten up the drink and give the perfect amount of freshness.
2. Splurge on the juice. A Bloody Mary is at least 50% tomato juice, so you want to use the absolute best. We aren’t saying that more expensive is better, here. Buy a tomato juice you love. Do that, and you’re on your way to a great drink. 

3. Serve it cold. Make sure you always serve a Bloody Mary cold, not at room temperature. Add lots of ice to the glasses. If you are making a pitcher for a crowd, keep it in the fridge until you pour. 

4. Spice it up! Try adding some pickle juice. Yep, that’s right. Throw in some juice from the pickle jar. The sour flavor balances the sweetness of the tomato juice.

Bloody Mary_1
One, two or more dashes of hot sauce can really wake up your senses and the drink. Or try adding horseradish for an extra pop. For a sweeter spice, use Sriracha chili sauce. 

Once you’ve got the spice down, add a little savory with Worcestershire sauce. Just a few dashes are needed.

5. Top if off! You probably already know that celery is a staple in a Bloody Mary, but it isn’t just for garnishing. Try adding some celery seeds, finely minced celery or even celery salt to really get a crisp, celery flavor throughout the drink.Bloody Mary_2
Once you’ve got the spice down, add a little savory with Worcestershire sauce. Just a few dashes are needed. 


Finally, salt and pepper are a must. Just as you would season a steak or chicken, season your Bloody Mary to bring out the most flavors possible. 


Article via Betty Crocker.

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