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Top Ten Corporate Gifts

Top Ten Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifting often turns into a real head-scratcher when it comes to pleasing a large team with varying tastes, preferences, and personalities. Choosing the right gift can be daunting with so many different people to cater to.

Fret not! We’re here to take the burden off your shoulders. Our team has compiled a list of unique corporate gift options and group activities that are guaranteed to please everyone on your team.

Below, we’ve rounded up our most innovative and imaginative corporate gift ideas. You’ll see they all embody the enthusiasm and playfulness that we value at Tabañero, and they’re sure to inspire new culinary adventures. Let’s dig in!

  1. Flavor Exploration Boxes: Gift a journey around the world with your choice of spices, marinades, sauces, and more from around the world! Ensure your gift set features an array of international spices, condiments, and recipes, inviting recipients to try new things. If your team is on the wild side, consider the All Hail the Holy Grail Hot Sauce Challenge Box!
  2. Spicy Snack Bundles: For those who enjoy a bit of heat, a bundle of hot and spicy snacks can offer an exciting assortment of bold and flavorful bites that go beyond the ordinary. You can even include some mini condiments! At only a dollar each, our Tabañero mini bottles offer loads of different flavors to explore and enjoy! Shop them in-store only at Walmarts nationwide!
  3. Cooking Class Vouchers: Encourage the joy of experimentation with a creative cooking class voucher. This hands-on experience introduces recipients to unconventional cooking techniques and flavor combinations, fostering a love for culinary creativity.
  4. Gourmet Treat Baskets: Curate a gourmet basket filled with unique pairings and artisanal treats. This collection celebrates the art of culinary discovery, making each bite a journey into the world of extraordinary flavors.
  5. Team Mixology Classes: Transform team dynamics and learn a party trick or two with a team mixology class! There will be no shortage of excitement when you and your coworkers start exploring new cocktails and vibrant tastes.
  6. Lunch Meeting Kit: Revitalize office lunches and team brainstorms with a zesty lunch meeting kit. Consider including a variety of vibrant salad dressings and condiments, turning routine meetings into flavorful gatherings. 
  7. BBQ Essentials Set: Empower BBQ enthusiasts with a set of unconventional BBQ essentials. Your kit can include creative sauces and spices, elevating outdoor grilling sessions into memorable culinary experiences. Pair your BBQ essentials with a promise to fire things up in the kitchen!
  8. Office Restaurant Outing: Treat the team to a day of flavor-filled activities, encouraging them to break culinary boundaries and embrace an adventurous spirit.
  9. Restaurant Gift Cards: Consider getting your team members restaurant gift cards. This way, they can enjoy a delicious meal at their favorite eatery without having to worry about the bill. Our suggestions? Tupelo Honey Cafe and La Cigale.
  10. Dual Coffee Table Cookbook and Lookbook: Unlock a world of culinary inspiration and bold, bright photography with a global-inspired cookbook! Search for one that’s brimming with inventive recipes, showcasing them through delectable pictures that invite recipients to explore the art of cooking with a rebellious and creative spirit.
Each of these corporate gift options encourages you to savor life's flavors and embrace the joy of boldness in every surprise—just like we do here at Tabañero. So don’t hesitate to spice things up!
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