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4 Meat & Poultry Dishes You Must Try!

4 Meat & Poultry Dishes You Must Try!

Having a meat & poultry lineup changes everything! Set yourself up for success by making a Tabañero original for your Labor Day BBQ guests (...or for yourself ;) Check out the recipes that include all three of Tabañero’s Hot Sauce flavors.


1. St. Louis with Marukan BBQ Sauce

Pork ribs marinated with marukan rice vinegar, cayenne pepper, Tabañero Hot Sauce & more! Recipe:


2. Extra Hot Garlic & Honey Wings

Chicken wings soaked in Extra Hot Tabañero Hot Sauce, Garlic & Honey. Recipe:


3. Spicy Beer Braised Wings

Chicken wings soaked in your favorite beer, Tabañero Hot Sauce & BBQ. Get the recipe:


4. Sweet & Spicy Tabañero Baby Back Ribs

Ribs grilled in a Sweet & Spicy BBQ marinade. Get the recipe:




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