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10 Spicylicious Recipe Ideas For Dad

10 Spicylicious Recipe Ideas For Dad

Treat Dad to a special spicylicious dinner filled with endless amounts of Tabañero flavor. Below we gathered ideas for appetizing starters, flavorfully fulfilling entrees, and a bonus surprise at the end. Make it a good Father's Day for Dad by feeding him the “good stuff!” Here are 10 recipe picks that we think Dad would like:

1. Best Jalapeño Poppers Ever

By the “best,” we mean that it’s filled with cheddar cheese, cream cheese, and bacon bits! Get the recipe.


2. Tabañero Watermelon Salad

This salad is a summertime “flavorite.” You’re getting the best of both worlds with the refreshing watermelon taste with a kick of Tabañero heat. Here’s the recipe.


3. Spicy Whiskey BBQ Sliders

Use any whiskey of your choice! Get the recipe.


4. Spicy Steak with Garlic Chips On Gorgonzola Crostini

The recipe calls for NY strips with “good fat” marbling or rib-eye steaks. Make sure you get a good cut! Here’s the recipe.  


5. Tabañero Taco Casserole

Does Dad like Mexican? Try this Tabanero Taco Casserole from Sauce Authority. Get the recipe here.


6. St. Louis Ribs with Marukan BBQ Sauce

We recommend to make this with the Extra Hot flavor. Here’s the recipe.


7. Sweet & Spicy Tabañero Baby Back Ribs

Careful! The Tabañero Agave Sweet & Spicy flavor is deliciously addicting. We caution you that you might like this recipe too much! Get the recipe.


8. Spicy Beer Braised Wings

Make a memorable meal with Dad’s favorite combo! Here’s the recipe.  


9. Carne Asada with Tabañero Chimichurri Sauce

Very Important Note: You must make the chimichurri sauce 24 hours in advance! Get the recipe.


10. Sweet & Spicy Pulled Pork

You’re going to get your hands dirty making this one. We can guarantee that it will be worth it! Here’s the recipe.


BONUS Recipe: Tabañero Spicy Bloody Mary

This is best bloody mary mix you’ll ever taste! Get the recipe here.


Get Dad the Greatest Gift of All This Father's Day!

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