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Made by Tabañero


The Walking Dead Tabañero Hot Sauce is 100%
All Natural, Gluten Free, Low in Sodium & Contains No Vinegar!


  • 1 Tabañero Original Hot Sauce Bottle
    Flavorful and Zesty!
  • 1 Tabañero Extra Hot’ Hot Sauce Bottle (8oz)
    Extra Kick of Habaneros. 2X the Heat!
  • 1 Tabañero Agave Sweet & Spicy Hot Sauce Bottle (8oz)
    Extra Agave Nectar & Seriously Delicious!


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This Bloodiest Mary Mix will have fans of the show screaming for the amazing quality of hand-crafted artisan batches of the finest cocktail mixer ever created!

Made with fresh pressed tomatoes, this mix is like no other out there. Paired with vodka, tequila, or savored on its own, the Bloodiest Mary Mix offers a flavorful cocktail without added preservatives and artificial ingredients.


  • 1 Tabañero Original Spicy Bloody Mary Mix Bottle (32oz)
    100% All Natural & Gluten Free


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  • 1 Tabañero Hot Sauce Tri-Pack
    All 3 100% All Natural & Gluten Free Flavors!
  • 1 Tabañero Original Spicy Bloody Mary Mix Bottle (32oz)
    Made with fresh pressed tomatoes!


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All-Natural Meets The Unnatural!

AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead has partnered with Tabañero,
everyone’s favorite 100% All-Natural & Gluten Free Hot Sauce brand,
to create their official Hot Sauce & Bloody Mary Mix!

These Are ONE OF A KIND AND Would make The
perfect gift for any FAN of The Walking Dead!

Key Ingredients

  • Select Habañero Peppers
  • Carrots
  • Garlic
  • Key Lime Juice
  • Onions
  • Agave Nectar

5-star "BITER" reviews!

"Hands down the best hot sauce I have ever had!" - Katie L.

"This is seriously some of the most flavorful sauce, ever!" - B. Ramsey

"Simply the best Bloody Mary Mix with quality ingredients!" - C. Hill

The Walking Dead Tabañero Hot Sauce & Bloody Mary Mix is available for U.S. residents only. Limited Quantities.
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